Flea Markets in Munich / Diakonia Kaufhaus

One of my favorite recycling shops in Munich is the Diakonia Kaufhaus at Dachauer Straße 192. The Kaufhaus is quite big and spacious. Their main business lies in furniture recycling but they have also music, kitchen ware, glassware, some clothing, sewing equipment and children's toys and games. Classware here is quite good but in clothes they should maybe have a younger specialist to choose the pieces because the selection is really not so appealing.

Diakonia Kaufhaus is not a trendy second hand shopping experience but what I like in this shop is that it's always clean, light, comfortable and well organized. The workers are nice and warm and the stuff always in good condition. The price rate is usually reasonable and sometimes it might be possible to ask for a multibuy discounts.

The other shoppers are mostly hearty people as well. For example today an older lady asked me if I can sew because I was going through the buttons (as usual). As I told that in fact I also do knitting, crocheting and crafting, our discussion went further from the lack of nowadays handicraft tradition in Munich via my grandmother to our porcelain repaired teeth. Lovely!

Flea markets in MunichChristoph, my favorite employee with my favorite productsin my favorite second hand shop.

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