How to Make Leather Leaf Earrings

Make yourself these real rose leaf printed DIY earrings!

...One of my all-time favourites in my own handmade upcycled leather earrings has always been the rose leaf earrings. Here see the full crafting intructions how to make sustainable fashion yourself and make these diy earrings out of recycled leather.

I encourage you all to create your own handmade upcycled jewelry. It's fun and makes great gifts as well! If you are not sure where to start with making DIY earrings here's how these real rose leaf printed handmade leather earrings are done and how they look when ready. ...And of course, if you are not such a crafting enthusiast: Click here to buy these earrings ››

upcycled leather DIY earrings

YOU'LL NEED: Leather, scissors, rose leaf, fabric paint, baking paper, iron, small painting brush, earring hooks, jump rings, a thick needle and chain if you wish to make the longer ones with two leaves on both sides. 


    1. Pick rose leaves or buy a rose from a flower shop to get a leaf.
    2. Dry the leaves flat between a fat book. (Takes only about 24-48 hours.)
    3. Buy a soft and thin leather jacket from a second hand shop.
    4. Cut it into pieces.
    5. Glue leather two sided to get a more stiff look. Use odourless wood glue, preferably water soluable.
    6. Paint the back side of the rose with fabric paint.
    7. Press the leaf lightly on the leather.
    8. Let the printed leaves dry.
    9. Attach the printing colour by ironing through baking paper.
    10. Cut to shape and make the hole for the jump rings with a needle.
    11. Finish with jump rings and earrings hooks.
    12. AND THERE YOU GO! Click here to buy these earrings ››

upcycled diy earrings

rose leaf printed diy earrings

upcycled diy earrings

rose leaf printed diy earrings

Rose leaf printed diy earrings

handmade upcycled leather diy earrings

upcycled leather diy earrings


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