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How to Make Leather Leaf Earrings

How to Make Leather Leaf Earrings

How To Make the real rose leaf printed DIY earrings? Check out the detailed instructions!
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Upcycled Leather Lamp

I'm planning to renew our living room after the ongoing front renovation is over - in September. But I already started the work from small scale chores. This lamp shade is made out of a pair of white leather pants. I'm actually quite happy with the result and qoing to make another piece (maybe black leather or blue jeans) for sale as well. But here the instructions for you too.

For this lamp you'll need upcycled leather, linen, splitrings,
glue, a thick needle, 
scissors, cardboard and a gel pen.


  1. Take your leather and glue another fabric behind it to make the back side constant/sleek and also make the leather a bit more stiff. Here, I used white linen from an old curtain.
  2. Cut a square from an old card, draw squares to the leather (I used gel pen because you can wipe it off with a wet cloth after cutting) and cut as many squares as you need.
  3. Make tiny little holes in the middle of the each side of the square. I used a darning needle. Remember to make holes ONLY to the 3 sides of the squares in the lowest row!
  4. Connect each square with splitrings to each other. You'll need three rings per side.
  5. Connect the last and first column and attach the highest row to your upcycled lamp frame.
  6. Your lamp is ready!


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