About Us

RokRokInc. is about upcycling, handmade design with rockin' attitude. We bring you the feeling of northern punk rock attitude and everyday playfulness in upcycled street design jewellery and accessories. The items are mostly one-off pieces and made out of recycled materials.

Behind the label is me: Ansku. I am a upcycling enthusiast from Finland. My idea is that why should a piece of jewelry be just pretty when it can be so much more? It can bring with it flashbacks, feelings, emotions and scents. It can also tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

We also could afford being a tiny bit more Eco-Friendly and a good way doing that is being creative and upcycle: when you get fed up with a product, why not to use it again in a totally new, exciting way!

All the RokRokInc. products are handmade by me here in Helsinki with a big heart and loud music. I'm happy to send your package and cheer up your day where ever you might be! And, I'd be honoured to design your special piece of jewellery according your own wishes.

RokRokInc. is always reachable and here for you, so should you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact me in English, Finnish, Swedish or German: rokrokinc@gmail.com. I'll guarantee your 100% satisfaction and extraordinary customer service!

Check out RokRokInc. also in Instagram: www.instagram.com/rokrokinc & Facebook: www.facebook.com/rokrokinc. And in case you wonder how someone ends up with a bad compulsive upcycling habit, read my recycling story – how it all began.


Rock on!