Flea Markets in Munich / Midnightbazar: Reithalle & Postpalast

Midnightbazar is another night flea market in Munich. It happens mostly in the Reithalle, Munchen or sometimes also in the Postpalast.

Midnightbazar is a nice night market: both places are big and the clientele consists a lot of hipsters and trendy people. They sell beer, refreshments, some drinks and snacks and have a DJ or singer songwriters playing music. An advantage is that they have a good lightning, so you can really see what you are buying.

Still somehow I prefer the competitor Nachtkonsum in the Tonhalle or Feierwerk specially as a seller and maybe also as a customer. Though as a seller, a big plus for Midnightbazar is that they mark the places for sellers beforehand so that you don't need to wait in line early to secure a spot.

RokRokInc. happy customersMy lovely customers in the Reithalle wearing RokRokInc. jewelries!
It really makes me happy when I see people wearing my stuff.


Midnightbazar night flea market at Postpalast has the same organizer as the flea market in Reithalle. So otherwise they are quite similar but the venue at the Postpalast is much cozier. They have quite often the Jukebox Munich performing there and they are always delightful! ...Cute boys singing pretty so that can't go wrong.

RokRokInc. friendsFei's new RokRokInc. items: red leather bracelet and black cat brooch.
Totally perfect for her!



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