Flea Markets in Munich/Olympiapark

Today morning I was selling some stuff away at the Olympiapark flea market that is maybe the most known and definitely biggest flea market in Munich. If there are no bigger happenings going on, the market is open every Friday and Saturday from 7am to 4 pm but basically people start packing about at 1 pm. That also means that if you are going to sell, you should be there early. Specially on Saturdays and during the summer when the place is packed. Fridays in general are more quiet and of course there's nobody if the weather is unbearable.

Olympiapark is a real old school basic flea market. And this is what I like about it. There's a lot of "professional" sellers but also one timers emptying their closets. The price range vary of course depending on the seller but I think it is about like it should be. And you can always offer the price you think would be suitable. Majority of the customers are different foreigners and the rest flea market lovers and people passing by during their morning walk.

My sales was not particularly successful as the customers were mostly
old men looking for tools and so there was no market for my stuff but
the weather was perfect and my neighbor was super fun and nice.

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Wiesn 2013, closing night

Yesterday was the closing night at the Wiesn and that means my last Oktoberfest time in Munich is done. (Wiesn is how the locals call the Oktoberfest because the fest is held at the Theresienwiese.) The last hour in the fest tent happens without serving, lights out, with sparklers and singing international hits.

We were at the Hofbräu's tent and there the last song is always Angels by Robbie Williams.


I made for my friends the beer cap earrings for the Wiesn and of course everybody got their favorite labels. Here, Madde is wearing Löwenbrau and I am wearing the Augustiner.

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Wildpark Poing

I usually am not such an animal person but I have to recommend you the Wildpark Poing for a sunny day's easy activity if you happen to live/visit in Munich. I guess the pictures tell you why.


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Hiking in Zillertal, Austria

Last weekend we made a outdoor trip from Munich to near by town in Austria. Zillertal area is great skiing destination but works also for hiking. We took it quite easy since sports is totally not my thing but I do enjoy the nature. Accordingly I do not even own sports wear but even if I did, I doubt I would ever wear them. I also think that why should you wear some gears that you don't feel comfortable in. So here's my hiking style at the Speicher mountain lake.

Converse shoes are most suitable for: 1) Pogoing in a punk gig, 2) bar hopping in hipster bars, 3) kicking grannies at the mall, 4) playing basket ball? 5) hiking at the Alps. And let's face it: Guns N' Roses T-shirt and pyramid studs are most suitable where and when ever.


Fairytalelike scenery at the Krimml waterfalls.

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Midnigtbazar 7.9.

Yesterday the RokRokInc. Outlet was open at the first Midnightbazar of the season. Feeling was good although people are seemingly still at the holidays here in Munich as the place was not as full as usually. But then again that just makes the shopping more comfortable.

I didn't have time to go through the offerings but I still managed to get a quick picture of my fleamarket friend Viktor who is the sweetest Bavarian man ever. And by the way, Viktor sells marvelous authentic 50's-80's. You just have to see them, it's like a candy store! (I forgot to take a picture of the jewelries but I'll add it here later.)

Flea market in Munich
In the meanwhile I was getting the picture taken with Viktor, Nadine was keeping the business going.
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Market Season Opening

Yesterday I started the market season again after the summer vacation in the Nachtkonsum Zündapphalle and what I like about this place is that it spacious and well lighted so it is comfortable to shop there.

And it was great to see so many friends there again! And for example Antonia here also bought a custom bike. So cool! And notice the Augustiner beer bottle in the bottle holder and the matching Augustiner earrings. :D

RokRokInc. Friends at flea market in MunichAugustiner is the most popular beer in Münich. ...If it's the best one, about that there are many opinions.


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Flea Markets in Munich / Kleidermarkt

Kleidermarkt München (Tal 30, 80331 Munich) looks great, is spacious and organized, has three storeys and has somewhat well chosen products...but: again is is way too expensive. From some pieces you can pay a bit more if there is something special in them but 20 euros for a basic jeans skirt that was originally bought from H&M for less than that really does make any sense. Just annoying.

Flea market in MunichIt looks nice but I wouldn't buy anything already just for the principle: recycled clothing
has to be cheaper than the equivalent new product unless it is vintage or somehow special.
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Flea Markets in Munich / Diakonia Kaufhaus

One of my favorite recycling shops in Munich is the Diakonia Kaufhaus at Dachauer Straße 192. The Kaufhaus is quite big and spacious. Their main business lies in furniture recycling but they have also music, kitchen ware, glassware, some clothing, sewing equipment and children's toys and games. Classware here is quite good but in clothes they should maybe have a younger specialist to choose the pieces because the selection is really not so appealing.

Diakonia Kaufhaus is not a trendy second hand shopping experience but what I like in this shop is that it's always clean, light, comfortable and well organized. The workers are nice and warm and the stuff always in good condition. The price rate is usually reasonable and sometimes it might be possible to ask for a multibuy discounts.

The other shoppers are mostly hearty people as well. For example today an older lady asked me if I can sew because I was going through the buttons (as usual). As I told that in fact I also do knitting, crocheting and crafting, our discussion went further from the lack of nowadays handicraft tradition in Munich via my grandmother to our porcelain repaired teeth. Lovely!

Flea markets in MunichChristoph, my favorite employee with my favorite productsin my favorite second hand shop.
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Flea Markets in Munich / Midnightbazar: Reithalle & Postpalast

Midnightbazar is another night flea market in Munich. It happens mostly in the Reithalle, Munchen or sometimes also in the Postpalast.

Midnightbazar is a nice night market: both places are big and the clientele consists a lot of hipsters and trendy people. They sell beer, refreshments, some drinks and snacks and have a DJ or singer songwriters playing music. An advantage is that they have a good lightning, so you can really see what you are buying.

Still somehow I prefer the competitor Nachtkonsum in the Tonhalle or Feierwerk specially as a seller and maybe also as a customer. Though as a seller, a big plus for Midnightbazar is that they mark the places for sellers beforehand so that you don't need to wait in line early to secure a spot.

RokRokInc. happy customersMy lovely customers in the Reithalle wearing RokRokInc. jewelries!
It really makes me happy when I see people wearing my stuff.


Midnightbazar night flea market at Postpalast has the same organizer as the flea market in Reithalle. So otherwise they are quite similar but the venue at the Postpalast is much cozier. They have quite often the Jukebox Munich performing there and they are always delightful! ...Cute boys singing pretty so that can't go wrong.

RokRokInc. friendsFei's new RokRokInc. items: red leather bracelet and black cat brooch.
Totally perfect for her!



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DIY Upcycling Jewelry Workhop - Summer Edition

Last Sunday we had the summer's upcycling workshop in HUIJ, Munich. Here the merry and summery group and some of the creations from Sabrina and Selin: the cool and lovely teens that really got done a big amount of unique pieces of self-made jewelry that for sure will be envied at school. <3

RokRokInc. recycling workshop

Sabrina and Selin made leather heart earrings with pearls, leather bracelets, button bracelet and leather bobby pin (in the picture) in addition to shell pendants, lace bracelets and many more funky stuff.

RokRokInc. recycling workshopOur crafting group on a hot afternoon after five hours crative time! Thanks girls, it was fun!



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