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Helsinki Night Market @ Teurastamo

The event season I started with the Helsinki Night Market on 21.-22.8. On Thursday it was the Night of the Arts in Helsinki and the Teurastamo* area joined the party with night market with music and food trucks.

The atmosphere was superb and it was a great event: relaxed feeling and happy people. More happenings like this! And for RokRokInc. It was a joyful two evenings since I emptied my storage boxes a bit and can now start making new stuff asap!

And by the way, did anyone notice that on Friday I wasn’t there myself? I had made some double bookings for my weekend activities, so my already experienced sales help Sonja filled in. Didn’t notice at all? Well, I don’t wonder. …Or maybe you met her already before and weren’t surprised at all. That’s good.

*Teurastamo is kind of a cultural area on the more rugged side of the Helsinki – the Helsinki I love. I recommend.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
Here I go again! Fun people, great location and cool event.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
My little helpers. Maybe you met Sonja (in front) already before.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
Many many new colours and designs!

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Flea markets in Helsinki vol. 2

I love Sunday flea markets specially in the summer. It's nice to have a reason to get up early and do some relaxed secondhand shopping. This time I tried Veturitalli and Kattilahalli Sunday flea markets. Both venues are superb and have just the perfect touch for this kind of action: trendy rust and rugged charm.

Veturitalli has in addition to the market a cute outdoor cafe with a brunch plate outside. As a big big plus for Veturitalli I would count that they are planning to have one part of the market specially for handmade design products. This place just started and it has many possibilities and I hope they would do the marketing right (also considering the handmade products) because at the moment Helsinki really is missing (surprisingly!) a market where you could sell and buy handmade stuff. I totally support the idea, of course!

You can enjoy both breakfast and shopping at Veturitalli flea market. I hope the
idea of dedicating one part of the market to handmade stuff would really take off!


Kattilahalli then again, maybe gathers even more trendy folk and you might have to wait in line for getting in. But at least this time we didn't need to queue too long. The place is kind of tight so you need some nerves if you're there during the busy hours. 

And all in all, these both venues could have a great potential for German style night flea markets. I mean from five till midnight, secondhand, handmade, live music, beer and easy snacks. I so miss that!

Kattilahalli flea market happens in an old factory building. You can buy
coffee and waffles outside and the place is obviously kid friendly!


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Go Kumpula!

Yesterday was a great day at Kumpula Street Festival. Sun was shining full on and I was having my table for the first time in Finland. And it was fun! I just love talking to people and I love if they love my creations. :) Thank you all so much!

Now as I have more room in my boxes I can again create something new for you guys. I was planning maybe next weekend would be my "work" weekend at the jewellery shop. 

Read more on the festival on UrbanToursHelsinki.

Kumpula Street Festival is a warm hearted block festival with music,
fleamarket and great atmosphere in Helsinki. I recommend!


PS. Apua, apua! Sinä, joka annoit pinkit barbinkenkäkorvikset lähetettäväksi hopeakoukuilla, laitakko sun osoitteen uudelleen, kun se lappu tietysti on lentänyt jonnekin hukkaan! ...Tai saiko joku vahingossa käyntikortin, jossa luki osoite? Viestittele:

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Flea Markets in Helsinki: Kaivarin Kanuuna

Kaivarin Kanuuna is now one of the newest and hottest flea market spots in Helsinki. What makes it so special is maybe the location and/or maybe the premises. It’s a big bunker full of stuff (mostly ok quality, both more expensive and not so) but when you step outside you’re in the middle of one of the prettiest places in Helsinki. (Read more on that: UrbanToursHelsinki - Kaivari)

You should definitely check this out, at least if you happen to go around there anyway.

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RokRokInc. @ Finland - UrbanToursHelsinki

As you maybe remember, I'm back here in Helsinki, Finland. After the first shock I'm slowly getting used to my "old life" again, after three wonderful years in Munich.

And there are a lot of nice things in Helsinki as well and I was thinking I could show some of it to you as well. So, I started my new blog that tells about RokRokInc.'s life in Finland. I'll post some of the things here as well (if they are somehow connected to the DIY, flea market and handmade design scene) but most of the Helsinki lifestyle posts I have in my other blog:


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Live Rock in Helsinki

Yesterday we started the live gig season here in Helsinki in the good old Nosturi. There was a skate/punk evening and the bands playing were mostly the same ones that we already saw like a million times. But, they always rock and luckily they had some new material so it wasn't just exactly the same as three years ago (before moving to Munich). Anyway, I hope we'll find also some new bands during the year.

Helsinki is quite an active rock city though there aren't too many good places to catch a band playing. Here's a list of my usual places. In addition to these there are also some rock bars without live but I'll list them later on. All in all, I would recommend checking out a live act while visiting Helsinki. But be prepared, the beer is expensive. So, to reach the true Helsinki experience you can do it like locals: drink something cheaper before going in, haha.

Hey Nosturi, I'm back!



NOSTURI is one of the classics and my favourites. The place has original roughness and they have all kinds of gigs. Highly recommendable but of course only if there's a good gig. I heard they are planning to move to bigger location in the future.

TAVASTIA is the only and only classic that has been around for ever. Compact premises, good gigs and a central location. Also a rock disco on Saturdays.

SEMIFINAL is Tavastia's little brother. A  really small venue for small bands. Raw, authentic and nothing extra. Stage and beer and that's it.

LEPAKKOMIES is nothing special but I still like the place. The live venue is downstairs and actually the space there is somewhat tight and not ideal for live but they quite often have bands that appeal to me. The location is in the heart of Kallio that is the ("crappy") bar area in Helsinki so before or after the gig you can hit the classic Kallio tour in the near by bars. (Gig listing here.)

CLUB LIBERTÉ has a bit distant location but it fit the bar's personality well. They mostly have beginners and smaller bands playing. So usually music-wise it's not the high end bar but if you like it real, unpretentious and enjoy "grassroots action" so give it a try.

BAR LOOSE is maybe my true favourite as they have a comfy bar upstairs and the live venue downstairs. Again the shape of the concert space is not ideal but oh well, nothing's perfect.

BAR BÄKKÄRI is a basic rock club but for my taste something is missing. I would only go there for gigs.

HENRY'S PUB is a great choice for stopping in for a beer and snacks when you are not planning to have a party. The place smells like deep frying and grease but has it's unflamboyant underground appeal. Sometimes gigs; mostly unknown or downscale (the venue is not really compatible for a big rock concert) but usually also interesting.

ON THE ROCKS is a club, not a bar really even though they have a bar upstairs. More for heavy/metal people so I wouldn't go there just for fun but if they have an interesting gig, why not.

VIRGIN OIL is a bar, restaurant and a concert venue. You can get some ok pizza in the restaurant but as a live location it is rather cold and unpleasant. But the place is big and so they have many kinds of bands playing. Mostly of course those that can attract the room full. So, in only for seeing the band and then out for some other action.

BOOTHILL is funny, weird, awkward, entertaining and sometimes scary depending on the crowd. But it's always real. It can be totally empty or totally full. You never know. They don't have gigs every weekend but they do have a jam night on Thursday's.

KORJAAMO is more of a cultural center and they mostly have totally something else than rock in their calendar. But sometimes you can get lucky and find something interesting in there as well. 


Check out also my rock bar tips for Munich.

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Flea markets in Helsinki vol.1

Helsinki is full of flea market shops and I will start to introduce them to you all. Here the fist set of the shops that are located near to our home in Vallila quarter which in my opinion has a great possibility become the new interesting and hip area in Helsinki. ...Oh well, maybe in ten years time. So anyway, here is how we do the "half a day Vallila flea market route" with my friend Terhi.

  1. Löytöretki (Mäkelänkatu 56) is a selfservice flea market and has hardly ever anything good, too high prices and is messy. Still I check it just in case.
  2. Emmaus (Mäkelänkatu 54) is one of my true favorites. It is clean, well organized and has quite good quality of items. They have a bit of clothes but mostly wares. They also have a sewing corner and an upcycling and vintage section.
  3. Perintöpuoti (Mäkelänkatu 34) is small and a bit expensive. Good selection of books (in Finnish) and glass wares, also vintage pieces from some Finnish designer labels.
  4. Samaria (Sturenkatu 37-41) is small, full and messy and feels a bit dirty. Mostly not well selected products. In addition the crumpy customer service drives you away pretty soon. But if you can take all that, you could find one or two interesting things with time and effort.
  5. Vastuukirppis (Hämeentie 75) has somehow a comfortable feeling even though it is not a high quality flea market.
  6. Metka (Hämeentie 78) is a self service flea market so you never know what you can find and for which prices. But it is big enough to have some variety. I love it because its customer service. The lady at the counter is always nice and smiling.
  7. Fida, Sörnäinen (Hämeentie 31) is quite large and has a wide selection of both clothes and wares and even furniture. But sometimes I get there clammy service so it is not my favorite. Not the lowest prices.

Emmaus has seasonal sales and that makes it even better.


Perintöpuoti helps homeless animals.
 If you like it messy, Vallilas Samaria shop is your choice.


After the hard days work a glass of sparkling wine.
The coasters in the new bar K*urvi in Kallio say:
"drink yourself funny", "Maybe one more?",
"Write here your excuses to drink one more".
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I am the kind of person who has a big big trouble throwing anything away. A bit like my granny: I just think you can use everything somehow again in some point in the future and in ways that you don't know yet. I know, sometimes it goes to far... But this time for example I found an old mini skirt that I can't use anymore. (Don't ask why...) So, tadaa! This is what I got out of it: Zipper Earrings by RokRokInc.

RokRokInc. DIY ideasAll in all three different pairs of earrings from one mini skirt.

Hoarding reminds me about this crazy haunted house "flea market" in Helsinki. In the area called Linnunlaulu is an old house where lives an old man who used to run there a people's commune in the 60's. Now he lives there alone and he has filled the once beautiful and still prestige building with stuff literally from the floor to the ceiling. You can hardly even walk along the thin path between all the crap, and for sure not without getting claustrophobic. I have never seen anything like that!

So, this man runs there a flea market on weekends, though nobody dares to go in. I did it once and I learned that the owner comes from the same city as me. He even remembered my grandfather. And by the way he himself assured the house is truly haunted. But if you ever happen to walk around the Töölönlahti and happen to see a small sign saying "Kirpputori", I recommend you should visit there just for the experience. It is scary.

From the chain I bought from this haunted house I made earrings that almost reach the shoulders. They give you the spooky gold shivers when they once in a while lightly touch your neck... Chain Earrings by RokRokInc. Picture of the house by Markus Jokela/HS.

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