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I'm taking part in a big big recycling fair in April in Helsinki. And now I should draft some kind of introduction of RokRokInc. for that. Last Saturday – in between enjoying some tasty wine – I took some photos for that. Now it's just so hard to decide which one would be the best. Any opinions?

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery

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My Recycling Story – How It All Began

"Don't you throw it away – you never know when and how you can still use it!" said my grand mom always. And I guess it began already then. ...I mean my material hoarding, creative recycling and crafting.

Right after I could make something I used to spend hours and hours in my grand mom's sewing room that had maybe one square meter space. The one wall was shelf from floor to ceiling and full with cloth in beautiful colours. And the morning light, beaming from the little window, would make the colours even sweeter. It was magical! I still get this relaxing feeling when I make things.

My first own creations were 90's big hit: hair scrunchies. Then a bit later I became the official jeans repairer for my friends and started modifying old clothes. Together with my grand mom I was practising sewing and with her help I even made some pretty serious mini skirts and party tops. And the great thing was that she never questioned my style or my creative vision. She was just happy to help and teach. Though we never used any real techniques or design models. ...I still can't utilise instructions. I believe in try and error and making it by heart.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
Me and my recycling mentor oh so many years ago.



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New Home for RokRokInc.

I was with RokRokInc. at the Kattilahalli flea market two times now and I have to say: I like! The atmosphere is laid back, people relaxed and the organisation really nice (also very important for me).

And of course, the fact that it is a flea market is also perfect for RokRokInc. So, I think I'll make Kattilahalli RokRokInc. Outlet's new home base. See you there!

Check out the place here: or here:

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Hot Stuff 2014

I can't believe how lucky I was during this one year spent in least considering all the great shizz I found from the flea markets. Obviously this is not all but maybe the higlights at least. How could I ever after this go back to "normal shopping"??

recycled clothing recycled clothing recycled clothing recycled 90s bag  recycled 90s skirt  recycled shoes

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DDR is Back!

I found old DDR stamps here in Helsinki! ...Cool, historic and a bit creepy as well... So hmm, what should I do with these? I don't have clear vision yet. Any ideas?

recycled stampsrecycled stampsrecycled stamps

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Do It Yourself: An Easy Button Tree!

I did this how to video for my other job's advent calendar but works here as well. So that's why the texts are in Finnish but actually you don't need them. Try it, it's super easy!

upcycled button tree 


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Make Boost!

It's been a while but now I'll go active again! I'll take part in the Naisten Joulumessut (Women's Christmas Fair) in Helsinki this year and  I've been busy making all kinds of exiting new stuff for the happening. ...The daytime I work at the office but the evenings I sit at the kitchen table until late. I'm sooo happy to have the "make-boost" again! You all in Helsinki have to come and check out the newest creations!

RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycled jewellery

I have a fusion kitchen: partly kitchen, partly work space!


...Anyway, I have to say I'm happy to be a part particular of this x-mas fair since the organiser is a nonprofit organisation that strives for female equality. Since the 1969 that is actually quite well accomplished among the Finnish population but today their objective is also to work towards the female equality among the immigrants as well. Check the website or Facebook for dates and opening times.

RokRokInc. at the xmas fair

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Photo Shoot Making Off

During my trip at Tampere we took some midnight photos for RokRokInc. with my brother's girlfriend Maija who here is my model. So, soon I'll get the pics done but until the whole autumn album is ready you can join us for slav squatting like we did while having a break from our oh so professional photo shoot. :D
RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycled jewellery photoshoot

RokRokInc. Sunglasses Pendant and Leather Feather Earrings
with a fur hat, original Nokia boots and a leather jacket. PERFECTO!

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On Saturday I had a nice relaxed day in Tampere at a cute little happening. It was great just to hang out with my friend Maija and meet friendly people. I like! 

RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycled jewellery in Tampere


In addition to that we: had an autumn party, ate well in the garden, picked some lingonberries in the forest and took some fall "fashion" pics for RokRokInc. So, it was a weekend well spent and you'll get to see the photos soon...exiting!

RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycled jewellery fall 2014


...And by a couple of chances RokRokInc. game piece earrings ended up cheering up also the Finnish Minister of Housing and Culture Pia Viitanen's day. Cool!

RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycled jewellery

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RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycled earringsI pumped into Meikku at the Sunday outdoor flea market
and recognized her first from the familiar earrings.
Looks good!

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