Nordic Tour

I dived into my summer holiday straight after my last work day at the office. Here's best part of my Nordic tour.


I started my tour  with a flight to Gothenburg where my friends Matti and Karin picked me up for a real Swedish Midsummer festivities in traditional scenery and atmosphere. 

Maypole, anadems, campfire, grilling, potato salad, smoked salmon, pickled herring, strawberry cake, ice cream and and... And of course vodka shots and Swedish shot songs! And a nice add to all this: we got to see the traditional midsummer dancing in front of the maypole!

Vodka shots in front of the maypole.

RokRokInc. recycled Jewelry Midsummer

Midsummer feast

RokRokInc. Recycled Jewelry Midsummer

Singing, shots and fruit cocktails.

RokRokInc. Recycled Jewelry midsummer


Swedish pole dancing?!?

Hyvää juhannusta Ruotsin puolelta! / Midsummer wishes from Sweden! #rokrokinc #juhannus #midsommar #midsummer #sweden #upperud

Video, jonka Ansku Knuuti / RokRokInc. (@rokrokinc) julkaisi


Not the biggest midsummer bonfire but a perfect campfire.

RokRokInc. recycled Jewelry Midsummer



After Midsummer I visited Matti and Karin's place in Malmö for a couple of days. With my usual efficiency I experienced the best of the city in two days: second hand shopping, old city and the beautiful walking path alongside the canal. Also the lively seaside walk was great. There I found for example a pier where I danced a little while some rumba in pleasurable company of wine drinking ladies.

My second hand leather jacket and dress. And chillin' on the Malmö seaside pier.

RokRokInc. recycled Jewelry Midsummer



From Malmö the tour continued to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. You already know how it is on a festival so no need to explain that. But noticeable in Roskilde compared to other European festivals is the good quality and tasty festival food.

First beer!

RokRokInc. recycled Jewelry Roskilde

Not the ideal troposphere but the best atmosphere.

RokRokInc. recycled jewelry Roskilde

Our best buddies: Red...

RokRokInc. recycled jewelry Roskilde

...and Tuborg.

RokRokInc. recycled jewelry Roskilde

...In addition to previous, we did find also other new friends.

RokRokInc. recycled jewelry Roskilde

But all this we started with a bang.

The start with the SLAYER! #RF16 #roskilde2016 #rokrokinc

Video, jonka Ansku Knuuti / RokRokInc. (@rokrokinc) julkaisi

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