Festival sales in Ireland

And just like that I’m somewhere else again. This time at the Castlepalooza festival selling my jewellery. But guess where! Tip: see the earring colors.

RokRokInc. upcycled jewelry in Ireland

Castlepalooza happens in the Charleville Castle in Tullamore, Ireland. The venue is awesome of course.

Club in the court yard, stages in the big ball room, camping behind the ruins, great acoustics and purposeless wandering in the castle yard. Was cool to think that here we were doing basically the same as the people having a ball more than two hundred years ago.

RokRokInc. upcycled jewelry in Ireland

And here I tested the brand new UV-painted jewelry and they do work well. They are recycled leather as well but the paint glow really bright in UV-lights. Though they do look very cool even in the normal lights. And people really were exited about these ones...which made me very happy of course. AWSOME! 

RokRokInc. UV-painted jewelry

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