Flea Markets in Munich/Olympiapark

Today morning I was selling some stuff away at the Olympiapark flea market that is maybe the most known and definitely biggest flea market in Munich. If there are no bigger happenings going on, the market is open every Friday and Saturday from 7am to 4 pm but basically people start packing about at 1 pm. That also means that if you are going to sell, you should be there early. Specially on Saturdays and during the summer when the place is packed. Fridays in general are more quiet and of course there's nobody if the weather is unbearable.

Olympiapark is a real old school basic flea market. And this is what I like about it. There's a lot of "professional" sellers but also one timers emptying their closets. The price range vary of course depending on the seller but I think it is about like it should be. And you can always offer the price you think would be suitable. Majority of the customers are different foreigners and the rest flea market lovers and people passing by during their morning walk.

My sales was not particularly successful as the customers were mostly
old men looking for tools and so there was no market for my stuff but
the weather was perfect and my neighbor was super fun and nice.

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