German Music Tips

There are lot of cool German bands at the moment and I recommend for you to check out the German band called KRAFTKLUB. It takes you to the weekend party feeling and as it is already Thursday so it is just the right time for it.

Since we are soon visiting Berlin, I guess the most suitable song is this: "Ich Will Nicht Nach Berlin" (I Don't Want To Go To Berlin). But other good songs are among others: Zu Jung and Mein Leben. You can also find the band in Spotify.


Also BEATSTEAKS are one of the current big rock bands here in Germany. For me they are just quite ok, but no doubt they are good. Maybe it is just that they have some British rock in them and I never really got friends with the British rock/pop. Here my favourites: House On Fire and Hand in Hand. Beatsteaks has made also other quite interesting music videos, you can find more of them in Youtube.


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