Good Old Finnish Marks

In bittersweet feelings we Finns look back at the Finnish Marks. Some of us still want the good old "grannies marks" back. ...And no, I'm not one of them but I do think that some of the last coins that we had pretty prints. I haven't found all of them yet but here you can see at least the ten and five pennies coins and a mark. The ten pennies were my brother-in-laws savings that he never got to use. :D

Ten pennies coin earrings I still have but the other ones are already gone.


Ten pennies coin had on one side it has the Finnish national flower lily-of-the-valley
with the name of the country and the other side states the value of the coin.


One Mark had a Finnish lion print. ...The Finnish lion is basically absurd:
of course lions couldn't survive in Finnish conditions and it also has on
it's head a crown which we also never had (I mean of our own).

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