Fall Time Inspiration

The fall is unfortunately soon again here and that means autumn colors and shapes also in RokRokInc. jewelries. Here are my newest pieces of the autumn collection and the instructions how to make them. Check out also all the RokRokInc. fall pieces in the Shop/AUTUMN collection!

For leather leaves you need: recycled leather, jewelry findings, pliers, chain,
clothing paint, paint brush, pencil, (glue), scissors, iron, thin cloth and a thick needle.



    1. Pick some leaves and put them between a book to dry. Give them a good week time to really get dry.
    2. Choose you recycled leather. If it's too thin, glue two pieces from the back side together.
    3. Draw your leaf to the leather (back side) and cut it.
    4. Spread your paint on the leaf and press it gently on the cut leather. Let it dry.
      (Back side of the leaf usually gives a better print.)
    5. Iron the paint side through a thin cloth. (This makes the paint last.)
    6. Make holes to the leather with a thick needle. Modify the leather leaf as you wish.


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