Hiking in Zillertal, Austria

Last weekend we made a outdoor trip from Munich to near by town in Austria. Zillertal area is great skiing destination but works also for hiking. We took it quite easy since sports is totally not my thing but I do enjoy the nature. Accordingly I do not even own sports wear but even if I did, I doubt I would ever wear them. I also think that why should you wear some gears that you don't feel comfortable in. So here's my hiking style at the Speicher mountain lake.

Converse shoes are most suitable for: 1) Pogoing in a punk gig, 2) bar hopping in hipster bars, 3) kicking grannies at the mall, 4) playing basket ball? 5) hiking at the Alps. And let's face it: Guns N' Roses T-shirt and pyramid studs are most suitable where and when ever.


Fairytalelike scenery at the Krimml waterfalls.

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