Bavarian charm

These medals I found from a back yard sales next door to us. The sellers grandpa got them from hiking happenings mostly in the 60's and the 70's. I paid a fair price for the unique medals as well as for the story as I really like to know where my materials come from. The seller was also happy that the medals, that were for many years forgotten to the attic, would now see the day light once again.

In addition I have to say that I really like these back yard flea market days. It's when people that wouldn't normally go selling their stuff gather all their crap and present them to possible recyclers. Then it's possible to find this kind of treasures and also see what kind of people live around your quarter.

REcycling ideas

A crown and coat-of-arms, alpines in a hiking shoe, religious stuff (the holy Mary...?)and hard working men. What could be more Bavarian?

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