February Second Hand Outfits

Here's some of my February second hand outfits. Though I basically every day wear second hand clothes, for some reason I can not get the picture taken. I guess it's that I'm part the old school generation and I have always taken a lot of pictures – but not of myself. And I feel selfies somehow really difficult. But luckily I have my colleague who is becoming my designated photographer. 

Inside/Outside! ...Retro skirt is from Finnish designer house Arola from the 70-80's. The jacket is from Nachtflohmarkt in Munich, bag from a second hand shop in Nürnberg and the belt from outdoor flea market in Helsinki.

Second hand outfit


My addiction to second hand woollen skirts is getting out of hand! Jewellery are from RokRokInc. of course. Douple Triangle Earrings and Stud Necklace.

Second hand outfit


This second hand dress I found on my trip to Kemi from a second hand shop and the belt I got for 50 cents.

Second hand outfit


Another use for my cute second hand bow belt. I found two of the same (one black and one gray) in two different second hand stores. And I love 'em both.

Second hand belt


My new second hand leather vest. So cool. I bought it from a Facebook recycling group. And basically I like the idea of Facebook groups where you sell and buy. But I just never comment a picture that somebody else has already commented. It just feels too complicated. But if I'm the first one or the only one wanting to buy – then perfect!

Second hand outfit

My current favourites: second hand Valentino Orlandi bag that I bought in a second hand shop in Nuremberg fro 15 euros. And a makeup bag from Plyymienkeli who makes bags out of zippers.

Second hand Valentino Orlandi bag

I obviously can not resist woollen skirts and stuff with studs. I got these for 10 euros in UFF second hand shop in Helsinki.

Second hand outfit

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