Visit to Kemi

I had to make a quick visit to Kemi, my hometown for my great uncles funeral. I had only a couple of days time so I didn't have time to do much. But here some greetings from the Northern Finland!

I always go for a flea market tour in Kemi with my goddaughter Liisa who also is my official second hand clothing stylist who never says no to even crazy long as they look good on me!

second hand shopping in Kemi


This time we only had like two hours and as you maybe very well know: that is totally not enough time. But I managed to find something though. A dress, two belts (one for using and one for the pyramid stud earrings) and cartoon clips for making maybe earrings.

second hand clothing


Here's my home street in the midday sun. Finally light in the North as well. Really pretty indeed!

winter scenery


For RokRokInc. jewelry I got from my friend Raija some amazing stuff that she found from her storage. Take a look!

old coins

old spoons


In the end I had also time for a couple of glasses of wine with in the moonlight that shone really bright that night.

moon light in the winter


Kemi is an coastal city in the Northern Finland. This is how it looks in the winter. 

Lumilinna rakentuu Kemin rantabulevardilla. / Kemi beach boulevard in -27 degrees.

Video, jonka Ansku Knuuti / RokRokInc. (@rokrokinc) julkaisi

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