January Second Hand Outfits

Here some my January-February secondhand outfits. I hope you get some inspiration!...

At the office also our fashion choices are n'sync! Accidentally we all wore blue-white outfits, haha. My skirt is a gift from an old colleague, jewellery of course by RokRokInc. and the blouse is from a flea market in Munich.

My Friday feeling skirt fitted really nicely to the wall at the office. The belt is from second hand store UFF in Helsinki, the skirt is from Kattilahalli flea market and the boots I got from my cousine. I love the eighties vibe combined with a dash of rock.

 seconhand clothing


Two hoochie mamas in furs on a vintage shopping tour in Kallio, Helsinki. Our second hand furs are from Germany. Of course it is debatable if one should wear fur... But then again: would it be better to let these old old jackets to rot somewhere and instead buy new jackets? I say not.



Once again I wear the bow belt that seems to be my favourite this month. This skirt as well I got from an old colleague of mine. The shirt is not secondhand but it already about 10 years old. ...A bit tight but still fits, haha. The jewellery are made out of old leather jackets that I bought from the Recycling Center here in Helsinki. Leather Swallow Necklace, Leather Bracelet and recycled nail polish painted leather star earrings.



Here my beautiful mittens that I bought from the outdoor Sunday flea market in Hakaniemi in July. Unfortunately I lost one of them the very next day. Sad. :(



This scarf has become my favourite this winter. I got it for one euro at the Kattilahallin Kirppis flea market in Helsinki.



...Always when I'm tired I accidentally wear grey. I guess the aim is to be unnoticeable and blend in the wall. The jacket and the belt I got for 1,5 euros in the summer from an outdoors flea market in the summer and the dress I found at the Kaivarin Kanuuna flea market last month. This outfit is soooo warm!



I'm trying to learn how to take selfies. It's hard. But I want to how you more of my second hand clothing. ...So anyway: this perfect jacket I found in London. I paid 15 Pounds for it which is quite a lot for me and I wouldn't usually pay that much but I have been looking something like this for some time and usually mens jackets are way too big for me, so I thought what the hell, I will take it!

secondhand style

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