Cassette tape pendant


Cassette tape pendant is very simple to make. You just have to find a tape that you like!

Upcycled DIY cassette tape pendantFor tape pendant you need 1 cm split rings, 2 pliers,a drill, 2-3 cm drill bits, (spray paint) and chain.



  1. Drill 2-3 mm holes to the tape both corners but not quite to the edge so that the chain will hang straight. I make the holes about there where there are the holes already.
  2. Put in 1 cm split rings. Split rings in order to make it last better.
  3. Add the chain. I like to use a bit chunky chain to balance the heavy pendant.

 Handcrafted cassette tape pendantMaking spray painted tape will take the whole day because you need to let the paint get dry between layers.



  1. Choose a cassette. It has to be just plastic without any paper.
  2. Drill the holes and insert the split rings.
  3. (Already now because you don't want to mess the paint later.)
  4. Clean the cassette.
  5. Spray both sides with plastic primer and let dry.
  6. Spray both sides 5-10 layers of color (depending how thick layers you make). Let dry at least 30 minutes between the layers. (I have used again the rim spray paint with little sparkles, because it gives a nice finish and is most wear resistant.)
  7. Spray both sides with paint protection spray and let dry.
  8. Add the chain.



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