Punklandia 2

Since I got started, I could now introduce the second slice of Finnish punk. These bands represent a bit different tradition as the bands in my previous post Punklandia. And these bands sing in English. They all give strong performances so you should definitely go see them if they ever happen to tour in your city. You can find the bands also in Spotify if you first want to get to know their albums.

Finnish punk band

Anal Thunder started as a joke and they first built the songs around getting drunk. For example the classic Drink Myself To Death brings me always to a happy mood. One of my favorites from the band is Song About Getting Smashed that has maybe a hint of psychobilly touch in it. Also in Facebook


Finnish punk band

Wasted is a hardcore punk band that has more involved lyrics. "Armed with my voice - Fueled by my anger" - they say. I recommend the the songs The Prisoner and Fuel. The band has some similarities with the next band, I Walk The Line, and no wonder as they share some band members as well. Also in Facebook


Finnish punk band

I Walk The Line (IWTL) plays gloomy and melodic punk with melancholic singing. My favorites are Dead Seeds and Just Like The Rest from the album Desolation Street. Check out the videos When I'm Gone and Black Wave. Also in Facebook

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