Rock bars in Munich

Here some evening out tips for rockers visiting Munich.

Bars in MunichIn Substanz. I wore the leather feather earrings again.

is the new and hip alternative party night and concert venue after the good old 59:1 was closed. Though I don't like the venue itself too much. I would go there only for gigs.

SUBSTANZ is a small and cozy indie rock bar located near to the Strom at Poccistrasse U-bahn station. It has live music and varying club nights to offer. Recently I was there for indie pop night and yesterday they had a soulful-funky-rock'n'roll disco, and for my taste the music was brilliant! Hits from the 50's - 60's and of course some soulful masterpieces from the 70's - 80's. Usually something going on also on Sundays. Just check out the calender.

FLEX is the next rock bar along the way from Poccistrasse towards city center. It is more like hard rock style but I like it just as much. They also have varying nights and live DJ's. Having different club nights it is the custom around here. And I do think it is a great idea to have some variety in the program. Check from the Events which club night it is:

ATOMIC CAFE in the city center is so not rock but a good indie venue. Live concerts and weekend dancing nights. I was there at least on a indie rock and 60's twist and shout style nights. Once the dj was getting so exited from his own set that he just had to make some splits and other crazy moves on the dance floor. And when you leave you can buy some crisps or candies to go from the cloakroom.

SCHWARZER HAHN reminds me of the good old bars back home in Helsinki. You just go in, order a beer, sit down and chat with your friends as they play good music from the list. Sometimes also live DJs. Very simple and no indie, just rock. Their specialty is the 'bloody mary + pepper' like shot called Volcano if I remember right.

SEHNSUCHT in Maxvorstadt (U-bahn Universität) is such a charming bar but gets way too packed during weekend nights. I would recomment to visit there a bit earlier and then continue to the next bar. Sehnsucht has really a cool and well finished interior. I like it! The specialty are the bras hanging above the bar. If you give yours to the collection you'll get a Jägermeister for free. Worth the deal?

TUMULT is also located in Maxvorstadt. It is maybe my favorite at least if I happen to be there on the night of rockabilly, psychobilly and Ska ('Rock this town' on Fridays). It is a small cellar bar with a bit raw and kind of half way through made interior. Live deejays. Also the punk night is good!

FEIERWERK is a perfect venue for live gigs at least to my taste. It has several different small locations around the same backyard. It is a bit outskirts from the city but easy to reach with U-bahn (Heimeranplatz) and a quick walk. I like most the tiny punkish venue Sunny Red. The homepage is a bit complicated but you can check from the 'Partys and Konzerte' what is going on and in the right corner of the square they tell in which venue it is.

BACKSTAGE is a huge (...well, it is in here) bar complex near to the S-bahn stop Hirschgarten. The complex just stands there in the middle of nowhere with bright lights like in Mad Max. The venue has several halls with different music but it doesn't offer so much for the true rockers unless there is a concert you want to see. NOTICE: They have every summer Free & Easy festival where you can see over 200 bands for free! Year 2013 the festival time is 23.7.-10.8.

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