Golden animal brooches

Some time ago one customer of mine asked for golden animal brooches. So here they are. I hope she'll stop by at my table soon so I can show that I finally fulfilled her request.

Upcycling ideas



  1. I used the rim spray paint. It seems it's really hard to find a paint that really sticks. So far, the rim paint with little sparkles in it has been the best. If anyone has better knowledge on this one, please share your secrets with me!
  2. The paint sticks better to a softer plastic. Though some soft plastics can not take the paint. You'll notice that if the surface gets weird and the paint won't get dry.
  3. From the other side of the animal I sanded the place for the brooch flat with the grindstone tool of my Dremel. The grindstone tool is meant for metal materials but works well with plastic as well.


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