I just love leather. ...Though preferably the recycled one. But anyway, leather is sooo versatile. It makes a casual outfit more chic and too fancy outfit more down to earth. And depending on the style and color it is so rock, so hippie, so country, so hipster, so yesterday and so today! The possibilities are endless.

Upcycling materialsMy newest leather investments are white pants and army green jacket.



  1. Buy a leather jacket or pants from a second hand store. You might want to find the biggest one so you have more material left for other crafting ideas. I would go for men's XL jackets
  2.  Check that the piece of clothing is real leather before buying. Usually real leather clothes have the label "real leather" somewhere.
  3. Check how thick the material is and if it is in a good condition. Think if the thickness works well with your ideas. Is it too soft? Is it too hard? How does the back side look like?
  4. If possible check if the leather has a lining attached to it so that you can not get it out. Mostly the lining is attached only from the stitches and that's good.
  5. Don't pay too much even if everything is ok!

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