Here's advice for making marshmallows out of oven hardening modelling clay. I am not the best clay artist (far from it) but I have some tips for you.

Handcrafted polymer clay earrings

For polymer clay crafts you need the clay, an oven and a sharp knife. For cleaning up the dust some q-tips and water. Then just swirl three bars of clay lightly together and cut with a sharp knife.



  1. Polymer clay/modelling clay gets dry and hard relative soon after opening the package. You can temporarily soften it to be able to mold it with a blow dryer's hot air. It won't last long though so you have to be quick after that.
  2. Clay collects easily all the dust floating in the air. You can clean up the small particles of dust at least out of the surface with a wet q-tip.
  3. You can stick the headpin in already before the oven so you don't need to drill a hole for it.
  4. Handle the clay as gently as possible if you want the form to hold until the oven.

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