I love to work with leather. Here the instructions for the LEATHER FEATHER EARRINGS.

...And here they are ready to wear: RokRokInc.leather feather earrings.


How to make leather earrings

For leather earrings you need recycled leather, marker, cardboard, scissors,
needle, (spray paint), pliers and earring hooks.

  1. Make a shape mold from cardboard. Take the cardboard from old cards/flyers.
  2. Draw the feather on the back side of the leather with a thin marker. Remember to draw the second earring other way around.
  3. Cut the lines. Make sure you have sharp scissors.
  4. Cut about 3 mm slices from the outer edge to the middle. Direct the cuts slightly upwards.
    (You can also cut the both sides but in that case don't cut the slices quite until the middle. Leave at least 1 cm beam in the middle to keep the feather in one piece.)
  5. You can spray a thin layer of spray paint to the back side. It helps the feather to stay flat.
  6. Make a hole for the hook into the "stalk" with a thick needle.
  7. Attach the earring hook.  
  8. Take one more look and cleanup the edges, also the back side.


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