Second Hand Shopping in Berlin

Soo, this time I had time to visit in six different second hand shops in Berlin. There are a lot more of them, I know, but you got to do something else as well. Here my ranking for these six shops.

I am pretty price conscious so I would say that most of the shops were overpriced. I would so much want to buy and use even more second hand clothing but if you get the same product new from a shop (and with the exactly right size easily found) with the same price or even cheaper, it just doesn't make any sense!

Flea market in Berlin

Colours do have all the colors. Meins & Deins was ok.

1.Colours (Bergmannstr.102) I like this shop a lot because it is well organized and it has the more expensive vintage part separately. They have a wide range of quite well selected clothing. They have some good priced things, like skirts for 2 euros, some totally crazy expensive things and something in between.They also some over priced things like flannel shirts for 25 euros. You can buy half of the clothes with a kilogram based price. In this case light materials are ok but heavy materials will be overpriced. But all in all, it is an entertaining shopping experience. Happy hour -30% on Tuesdays.

2. Meins & Deins (Danziger Str.38 & 54) is basically a nice shop and had some nice pieces but shopping there was actually not very comfortable. The owner was a bit crumpy and cold. But do still take a look specially if you like dotted skirts, sports shoes or old school sweaters. Price range was from just about bearable (skirts 15 euros) to too much.


Flea market in Berlin
Humana Shops offer clothing in good condition.

 3.Humana Vinge (Eberswalder Straße 27) was actually quite nice. Well organized and nicely color sorted. Some good pieces but mostly average quality. That means still that there could be possible to find something interesting. Surprise suprise, a bit over priced but not totally unacceptable. One hour happy hour -20% every day from 11am till noon.

4.Humana Second Hand (Schönhauser Allee 10-11) was in average not so very interesting but basic clothing in good condition that make possible basis for tuning. Some single delightfully funny pieces too. Like multicolored leather vest from the lovable 90's. And actuallyHumanahas many shops around Berlin. For example they have huge, multi-storey, in Friedrichshain. Yet again, mostly overpriced, but maybe you could find something reasonable priced from the sale or so.


Flea market in Berlin
Paul's Boutique looks great from outside. Stiefelkombinat is exquisite.

5.Paul's Boutique has three different addresses. I visited quickly in the small Chapter Mitte store (Torstrasse 76). It had more Cheap Monday clothing than second hand actually. In the second hand "department" the offering was pullovers, shirts and jackets and of course everything too expensive in my opinion.

6.Stefelkombinat (Eberswaler Strasse 21-22) was by far the fairest of them all. But also the prices were by far the highest of them all. But if you really are looking something vintage or just outrageous and you are prepared to pay for it then this is a place for you. At least I could spend there hours looking at the interesting pieces and the experience was also just like it should be in a vintage store.

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