Flea Markets in Munich / Nachtkonsum: TonHalle & Zündapphalle & Feierwerk

In Munich there are quite a lot of flea markets. So far, my favorites are the night markets where you can also just hang and not just shop. Nachtkonsum has the biggest name in night market scene here in Munich. They have three locations: Tonhalle, Zündapphalle and Feierwerk. (Feierwerk is mostly in the summer.)


TonHalle in the Kultfabrik at Ostbahnhof in Munich is maybe my favorite here. I just love the atmosphere: live music, beer and flea market. Quite a lot standard sellers, as myself, but also a good amount of changing sellers who want to combine emptying their closets and an evening out. The general quality of the stuff is good.

Customers are 30% treasure seekers and 70% young people, hipsters and style pioneers. Outside the flea market hall you can find plenty of different kinds of bars and clubs. ...Though not my choice for night out but a ok place for one more beer after the market.

Check it out @ www.nachtkonsum.com. I highly recommend! Here some highlights.

My creative and sewing enthusiast friend Inkeri.

RokRokInc. handcrafted jewellery

Stylish and lovely Matea first with older RokRokInc. puzzle earrings
and then with her new RokRokInc. yellow Barbie sneaker earrings.



Zündapphalle is twice as big as the usual Tonhalle and when I visited there in the spring it was totally freezing. No heating so it was as cold as outside, hrrrr.... But of course it's not a problem if it is a warm weather.

All in all I like all the night markets in Munich and this hall is attractively rough but there is a couple of other disadvantages in this location. First of all you couldn't hear the music everywhere so there wasn't really party feeling. And secondly there were maybe just a little too many sellers and overflowing offer in products. But on the other hand it's big and therefore really comfortable to shop in.

Flea market in Munich

As I was in the Zündapphalle in the spring Marja-Maija joined me with her
awesome upcycled denim cellphone pockets and small bags.
I was freezing as I was finishing my table but luckily I had my winter jacket on!

Upcycled jeans

I bought this from M-M. It is perfect to my style, I love it!




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