Restless in Munich

One of my old favorites, Restless, was playing at the Backstage yesterday and it was great again. The band has been rocking already 33 years, which is since I was born, haha. But they definitely still got it and the concert was interesting and fun!

RokRokInc. in MunichTrying to be badass rockers with Susa...not working!

...Anyway the band brings me back to my youth years and specially to one summer trip to rock 'n' roll Jamboree that was the big rockabilly and psychobilly festival in Finland back in the days.

This was maybe year -98 and as usual we traveled there with a bus from northern Finland. And as usual we stopped at the big gas station before the festival area to buy more beer because all the reserves were already empty after 8 hours of driving.

It was a hot summer's day and I stayed outside enjoying the sun and my girly cider. I am an awful talkative person so I went to talk with some guys sitting on the grass. They talked English which was of course ok by me and I explained that we are going to this rockabilly event near by.

They were rock people themselves and they they asked if I had any favorite band that I am definitely going to check out. And indeed I had: Restless from England! "Do you happen to know the band?" I asked. ...Lauhgter... "Yes, we are the band!"


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