What is RokRokInc.?

To begin with I could introduce the ideology behind my crafts. To me a piece of recycled jewelry is never just a piece of jewelry. It brings with it flashbacks of feelings, emotions and scents. And not only the memories from your own past but also the mysteries of other people. Upcycled items and materials had their earlier life and have many stories to keep. Vie recycling what once was finished gets a second life and more soul as you'll bring it more crazy happenings to be kept in secret.

I also think that the purpose of wearing accessories is to emphasize your personality and let it shine and be seen. And you don't need to settle for expressing only who you are. Why not to tell also what you feel right now. It is refreshing to change your appearance and be surprising once in a while. So:  Mix and match, get crazy, be fancy or have fun but always do it with a dash of rock attitude!


RokRokInc. handcrafted upcycling jewellery

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