Helsinki Night Market @ Teurastamo

The event season I started with the Helsinki Night Market on 21.-22.8. On Thursday it was the Night of the Arts in Helsinki and the Teurastamo* area joined the party with night market with music and food trucks.

The atmosphere was superb and it was a great event: relaxed feeling and happy people. More happenings like this! And for RokRokInc. It was a joyful two evenings since I emptied my storage boxes a bit and can now start making new stuff asap!

And by the way, did anyone notice that on Friday I wasn’t there myself? I had made some double bookings for my weekend activities, so my already experienced sales help Sonja filled in. Didn’t notice at all? Well, I don’t wonder. …Or maybe you met her already before and weren’t surprised at all. That’s good.

*Teurastamo is kind of a cultural area on the more rugged side of the Helsinki – the Helsinki I love. I recommend.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
Here I go again! Fun people, great location and cool event.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
My little helpers. Maybe you met Sonja (in front) already before.

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery
Many many new colours and designs!

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