Summer 2015

Summer went by so fast – like always. I started my holidays with the UK tour that included: 1. partying with dear friends in London 2. partying with my better half in Glastonbury festival and 3. partying with great Glasgow-hunks in Scotland. Then we had visitors and some more visitors and a little more party and the long two months Finnish summer was gone. (By the way weather-wise it was the crappiest summer ever. Thanks god we at least happened to visit in the always sunny Scotland, haha.)

I didn’t have much time for RokRokInc. (In addition to that I found some great new materials from flea markets.) But now I’m starting to get back to normal life: work work, craft craft, work work, party 




Enjoying Finland with several guests.
Landscape in Finland

Crafting with my goddaughter.
Upcycled handcrafted DIY jewellery

Beautiful Scotland.
summer memories

Scenery in Scotland

GLASTONBURY – FINALLY!RokRokInc. in Glastonbury 2015

RokRokInc. in Glastonbury 2015

London baby yeah!
RokRokInc. in London



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