Finally in Instagram!

Finally I got it done: to open the Instagram account for RokRokInc. And actually it's quite convenient. I can easily take snap shots of new or upcoming products and post them quickly in Instagram and Facebook. (At the same time once in a while I might have also something else in the pictures as Ansku. Like below here one picture is from my work team at the office.)

Though it still doesn't help my ultimate problem that is to find time to shoot new product pictures for this web shop. But, if you're interested in some of the new products that are in Facebook or Instagram you are very welcome to just send a message and ask for that piece. ...Sometimes this and that will never even have the chance to find their way to the web shop.

Anyhow: do follow or tag pics of RokRokInc. in Instagram: @rokrokinc / #rokrokinc / (Or in Facebook: or in Pinterest:

RokRokInc. upcycled handcrafted jewellery in Instagram

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