Flea markets in Helsinki vol. 2

I love Sunday flea markets specially in the summer. It's nice to have a reason to get up early and do some relaxed secondhand shopping. This time I tried Veturitalli and Kattilahalli Sunday flea markets. Both venues are superb and have just the perfect touch for this kind of action: trendy rust and rugged charm.

Veturitalli has in addition to the market a cute outdoor cafe with a brunch plate outside. As a big big plus for Veturitalli I would count that they are planning to have one part of the market specially for handmade design products. This place just started and it has many possibilities and I hope they would do the marketing right (also considering the handmade products) because at the moment Helsinki really is missing (surprisingly!) a market where you could sell and buy handmade stuff. I totally support the idea, of course!

You can enjoy both breakfast and shopping at Veturitalli flea market. I hope the
idea of dedicating one part of the market to handmade stuff would really take off!


Kattilahalli then again, maybe gathers even more trendy folk and you might have to wait in line for getting in. But at least this time we didn't need to queue too long. The place is kind of tight so you need some nerves if you're there during the busy hours. 

And all in all, these both venues could have a great potential for German style night flea markets. I mean from five till midnight, secondhand, handmade, live music, beer and easy snacks. I so miss that!

Kattilahalli flea market happens in an old factory building. You can buy
coffee and waffles outside and the place is obviously kid friendly!


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