Go Kumpula!

Yesterday was a great day at Kumpula Street Festival. Sun was shining full on and I was having my table for the first time in Finland. And it was fun! I just love talking to people and I love if they love my creations. :) Thank you all so much!

Now as I have more room in my boxes I can again create something new for you guys. I was planning maybe next weekend would be my "work" weekend at the jewellery shop. 

Read more on the festival on UrbanToursHelsinki.

Kumpula Street Festival is a warm hearted block festival with music,
fleamarket and great atmosphere in Helsinki. I recommend!


PS. Apua, apua! Sinä, joka annoit pinkit barbinkenkäkorvikset lähetettäväksi hopeakoukuilla, laitakko sun osoitteen uudelleen, kun se lappu tietysti on lentänyt jonnekin hukkaan! ...Tai saiko joku vahingossa käyntikortin, jossa luki osoite? Viestittele: rokrokinc@gmail.com

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