HOW TO: Starching Lace

Starching is a good way to reuse old pretty handmade lace table cloths or similar. All you need is water and sugar. With this simple recipe I for example made a wall decor for a birthday present to my almost mother-in-law, an earring holder for my goddaughter, hooks for my friend and a pair of earrings for the RokRokInc. shop.

Hooks for clothes, wall decor and a earring holder: all made of recycled table cloths.


So, by starching you can also create small or bigger things, for example earrings from small recycled or self made lace pieces. Here some easy instructions for you too. 

For those who loooove spring, 70's and want to be seen:
RokRokInc. big orange earrings.



  1. Take you piece of lace and wash it properly.
  2. Measure about the same amount of water and sugar. Maybe just a bit more sugar than water. The amount depends always on how big your cloth is. For a small piece one desiliter/cup is enough.
  3. Warm up the water and pour the sugar in.
  4. Let the water simmer and wait until the sugar has melted and desappeared completely.
  5. Soak the cloth in the hot water until it's thoroughly wet.
  6. Take the cloth from the water with some heat protecting gloves and squese the excess water out. NOTICE: You can not wait until the water cools down because in that cade you end up with sugary lumpy outcome.
  7. Place the cloth on a gladwrap (to protect) and then on an even ground, like on a table.
  8. Tap the cloth gently with your hands even and flat.
  9. Let dry. This may take a couple of days depending ot the size.
  10. If you want, you can modify the end product with spray paint or different kind of accessories.


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