Keeping Warm

I really do not like winter but luckily it was not that cold this year in here. Anyhow, what you still need in Finland this time of the year is mittens and a woollen hat. I have the problem that usually all the woollen hats itch my head so I made my hat from Finnish Novita Softy that is soft, lovely, furry and doesn't itch.

I'm also making a new scarf from the same yarn but it's not quite ready yet. Unfortunately they don't sell this yarn anymore but Novita's Teddy is quite near to it. And the mittens to my taste have to be slim, long enough and "fit like a glove", haha. (You can also order the woollen hat from RokRokInc. in several colours.)

Ps. the picture is taken by my hobby photographer
almost brother-in-law whose other pictures
you can find in Flickr by Isko Salminen.

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