Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Finland! ...So here I am and trying to get used to my "old life" again. I must admit it was like a punch in your face experience and it still is but luckily Christmas time makes it a bit easier as you are allowed to take it easy and hang out with your family and friends.

Here is my Helsinki livingroom in X-mas lights. ...Or actually in winter lights
as I need some extra lights for the whole long and dark winter.


Today I've been baking some Finnish Christmas cookies and cooking other stuff for tomorrow. In Finland Christmas menu is quite diverse and at least in my opinion delicious. But the beetroot salad Rosolli is my number one favourite as it gives the X-mas dinner the needed freshness and I am sure this would be a perfect add to any Christmas table. Do try it out! (Picture from Valio.)

And so, with my x-mas cookies I wish you a horrible Christmas and a terrible New Year! 

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