Flea markets in Helsinki vol.1

Helsinki is full of flea market shops and I will start to introduce them to you all. Here the fist set of the shops that are located near to our home in Vallila quarter which in my opinion has a great possibility become the new interesting and hip area in Helsinki. ...Oh well, maybe in ten years time. So anyway, here is how we do the "half a day Vallila flea market route" with my friend Terhi.

  1. Löytöretki (Mäkelänkatu 56) is a selfservice flea market and has hardly ever anything good, too high prices and is messy. Still I check it just in case.
  2. Emmaus (Mäkelänkatu 54) is one of my true favorites. It is clean, well organized and has quite good quality of items. They have a bit of clothes but mostly wares. They also have a sewing corner and an upcycling and vintage section.
  3. Perintöpuoti (Mäkelänkatu 34) is small and a bit expensive. Good selection of books (in Finnish) and glass wares, also vintage pieces from some Finnish designer labels.
  4. Samaria (Sturenkatu 37-41) is small, full and messy and feels a bit dirty. Mostly not well selected products. In addition the crumpy customer service drives you away pretty soon. But if you can take all that, you could find one or two interesting things with time and effort.
  5. Vastuukirppis (Hämeentie 75) has somehow a comfortable feeling even though it is not a high quality flea market.
  6. Metka (Hämeentie 78) is a self service flea market so you never know what you can find and for which prices. But it is big enough to have some variety. I love it because its customer service. The lady at the counter is always nice and smiling.
  7. Fida, Sörnäinen (Hämeentie 31) is quite large and has a wide selection of both clothes and wares and even furniture. But sometimes I get there clammy service so it is not my favorite. Not the lowest prices.

Emmaus has seasonal sales and that makes it even better.


Perintöpuoti helps homeless animals.
 If you like it messy, Vallilas Samaria shop is your choice.


After the hard days work a glass of sparkling wine.
The coasters in the new bar K*urvi in Kallio say:
"drink yourself funny", "Maybe one more?",
"Write here your excuses to drink one more".

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